Phytotherapist Job Description

Phytotherapists/Herbalists Use Their Knowledge Of Plant Medicines And Their Therapeutic Applications To Promote Health And Relieve Illness. They Are Also Known As Medical Herbalists Or Herbal Practitioners.

Herbal Medicine, Also Known As Phytotherapy, Is A Holistic Health System That Aims To Address The Needs Of Patients By Working At A Physical, Physiological And Emotional Level, Exploring The Underlying Causes As Well As The Symptoms Of Illness.

Herbalists Treat A Range Of Illnesses, Allergies And Chronic Physical Conditions By Using The Whole Plant, Part Of The Plant (such As The Leaf) Or A Preparation Of The Plant, In Order To Maximise The Human Body's Healing Capacities.

Modern Herbal Medicine Combines Traditional Herbal Philosophy And Knowledge With Modern Medical Understanding.

Experienced Herbalists May Also Work On A Consultancy Basis Or As An Employee, Undertaking Research For Herbal Growers And Product Manufacturers.

Phytotherapist Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • using a holistic approach to advise patients on diet and lifestyle;
  • undertaking follow-up appointments to assess patient progress;
  • maintaining accurate patient records;
  • being on call to patients, either in person, by phone or by email;
  • carrying out initial consultations with patients to diagnose a condition or illness - usually comprising a physical examination, blood pressure and pulse readings, a series of detailed questions covering all the systems of the body, and sometimes observation and assessment of a patient's body language and other factors;
  • using knowledge of plant remedies to prescribe medicines appropriate for the treatment of a wide range of illnesses, with the aim of assisting the body's own healing properties;
  • growing, preparing and producing herbal medicines;
  • referring patients to other health practitioners, where appropriate;
  • maintaining a welcoming, professional practice area, particularly if working from home;
  • working to high ethical and professional standards.
  • teaching and supporting trainee herbalists;
  • keeping up to date with new research;

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