Geographical Information Systems Officer

Geographical Information Systems Officer Job Description

A Cartographer Who Creates Maps Using Geographic Information System (GIS) Technology Is Often Known As A geographic Information Specialist. GIS Technology Is Typically Used To Assemble, Integrate, Analyze, And Display Spatial Information In A Digital Format. Maps Created With GIS Technology Combine Spatial Graphic Features With Nongraphic Information. These Maps Are Useful For Providing Support For Decisions Involving Environmental Studies, Geology, Engineering, Land-use Planning, And Business Marketing.

Cartographers And Photogrammetrists Collect, Measure, And Interpret Geographic Information To Create Maps And Charts For Political, Educational, And Other Purposes.

Cartographers Are Mapmakers Who Use Principles Of Cartographic Design To Make User-friendly Maps. Photogrammetrists Are Specialized Mapmakers Who Use Aerial Photographs, Satellite Images, And Light-imaging Detection And Ranging Technology (LIDAR) To Build Models Of The Earth’s Surface And Its Features For Purposes Of Creating Maps.

Geographical Information Systems Officer Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • Examine and compile data from ground surveys, reports, aerial photographs, and satellite images
  • Prepare thematic maps in digital or graphic form for environmental and educational purposes
  • Collect and create visual representations of geographic data, such as annual precipitation patterns
  • Update and revise existing maps and charts
  • Collect and analyze spatial data, such as elevation and distance
  • Develop base maps that allow geographic information system (GIS) data to be layered on top
  • Plan aerial and satellite surveys to ensure complete coverage of the area in question

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