Disc Jockey

Disc Jockey Job Description

Disk Jockeys(DJs) Play Music For Audiences At Live Venues, Or Entertain Radio Audiences.

DJ May Use Various Formats Including Vinyl, CD Or MP3, And A Range Of Equipment Such As Turntables, Mixers, Microphones And Amplifiers.

Disc Jockey Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • operate lighting and visual effects in time to the beat
  • create your own sounds by manipulating beats, using samples, adding extra music and sound effects
  • play and mix records in clubs or bars, to create atmosphere or keep people dancing
  • choose music to suit your audience’s taste and the venue’s music policy
  • work with an MC who raps or sings over the music.

Radio DJ or presenter:

  • keep to a very tight timing schedule
  • interview studio guests
  • operate studio equipment to play music, pre-recorded news, jingles and advertisements (known as ‘driving the desk’)
  • choose the music to be played
  • keep up an entertaining and natural flow of chat
  • interact with the audience through phone-ins, emails, texts and social media
  • discuss ideas with the producer, write scripts and prepare playlists for future shows.

Many music radio DJs also perform live as club DJs.

As a mobile DJ you would provide music and atmosphere at social events such as weddings and parties. You would take your own equipment and music to each venue you played at.

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