Retail Merchandiser

Retail Merchandiser Job Description

Retail Merchandisers Work Closely With Company Buyers To Maximise Profitability By Predicting And Monitoring Sales Trends And Accurately Controlling Stock Levels.

Merchandisers Play A Key Role Within A Company As Profitability Can Be Affected By How Successfully They Undertake Their Work: Through Shrewd Planning, Careful Purchasing And Sensible Promotions Profits Can Be Enhanced.

Retail Merchandiser Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • predicting sales and profits
  • using specialist computer software including databases
  • visiting manufacturers, stores and suppliers
  • negotiating prices, quantities and delivery time-scales
  • supervising and training junior staff
  • managing levels and distribution of stock
  • handling supply/production problems as they arise
  • setting stock promotions/price reductions as appropriate
  • making financial presentations to senior managers
  • assessing sales performance of ranges.
  • promoting best selling items in order to maximise profits
  • working closely with buyers and other merchandisers to plan product ranges
  • meeting suppliers, distributors and analysts
  • managing budgets

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