Driver Job Description

A Driver Is A Person Employed To Drive A Passenger Motor Vehicle, Deliver Or Collect Goods Or Mailings. Drivers Operate Trucks, Trailers, Heavy Machinery, Cars, Ambulances, Trains, And Bikes.
Drivers Must Be Able To Endure Long Hours Driving, Being Able To Fix Minor Things On The Vehicle Like Changing Of Tires, And Reporting In Frequently To Dispatch. They Should Also Practice Safety And Health Regulations To Protect Themselves And Other People On The Road.

Driver Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  •  Conducting basic maintenance checks
  •  Mapping out routes
  •   Maintaining vehicle hygiene
  •  Checking all relevant equipments
  •  Adhering to road signals
  •  Respecting other drivers
  •  Keeping logs and collecting daily schedules

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