Computer Support Specialist

Computer Support Specialist Job Description

Computer Support Specialists Provide Help And Advice To People And Organizations Using Computer Software Or Equipment. Some, Called Computer Network Support Specialists, Support Information Technology (IT) Employees Within Their Organization. Others, Called Computer User Support Specialists, Assist Non-IT Users Who Are Having Computer Problems.

Computer Network Support Specialists, Also Called Technical Support Specialists, Usually Work In Their Organization’s IT Department. They Help IT Staff Analyze, Troubleshoot, And Evaluate Computer Network Problems. They Play An Important Role In The Daily Upkeep Of Their Organization’s Networks By Finding Solutions To Problems As They Occur. Solving An IT Problem In A Timely Manner Is Important Because Organizations Depend On Their Computer Systems. Technical Support Specialists May Provide Assistance To The Organization’s Computer Users Through Phone, Email, Or In-person Visits. They Often Work Under Network And Computer Systems Administrators, Who Handle More Complex Tasks.

Computer User Support Specialists, Also Called Help-desk Technicians, Usually Provide Technical Help To Non-IT Computer Users. They Respond To Phone And Email Requests For Help. Sometimes They Make Site Visits So That They Can Solve A Problem In Person.

Help-desk Technicians May Solve A Range Of Problems That Vary With The Industry And The Particular Firm. Some Technicians Work For Large Software Companies Or For Support Service Firms And Must Give Instructions To Business Customers On How To Use Complex Programs. Sometimes They Work With Other Technicians To Resolve A Problem.

Others Work In Call Centers, Answering Simpler Questions From Consumers. Some Technicians Work For Organizations And Help Non-IT Workers With Their Computer Problems.

Computer Support Specialist Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • Train users to work with new computer hardware or software, such as printers, word-processing software, and email
  • Pay attention to customers when they describe their computer problems
  • Walk customers through the recommended problem-solving steps
  • Set up or repair computer equipment and related devices
  • Ask customers questions to properly diagnose the problem
  • Assist users in installing software
  • Provide others in the organization with information about what gives customers the most trouble and about other concerns customers have

Computer network support specialists:

  • Perform regular maintenance to ensure that networks operate correctly
  • Test and evaluate existing network systems
  • Troubleshoot local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), and Internet systems

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