About Gusau

Gusau is both a Local government area and the capital city of Zamfara state located in the Northwest geopolitical zone of Nigeria. The major tribes are the Hausa and the Fulani with Islam as the widely practiced religion. Popular districts/areas in Gusau include Ahmadu Bello way, Ungumar Dawaki, Janyau, Tudun Wada, Bye pass, Ninoma street, Mohammed Bandi Road, A.S Fuwe Estate, and the Prison road. Tertiary institutions found in Gusau include the Federal College of Education (Technical), College of Islamic Science and the School of Nursing and Midwifery. Health facilities found in Gusau include farida General Hospital, Rama Hospital, Daula Hospital and Maternity, Arewa hospital, Yariman Bakura hospital, and the Gusau Mediical Clinics.                    

The population of Gusau city is estimated at 986,459 inhabitants spread over several districts such as the Magami and Birni Ruwa. Important festivals in Gusau include the Durbar festival while popular city landmarks include the Federal University Gusau, Palace of the Emir, Zamfara state Governmnet House, Gusau Amusement park and zoo, Twinkles restaurant, LightCave Cinema, Zamfara state history Bureau Museum,  and the Gusau Dam.


The total area of Gusau city measures about 3,364km squared with precipitation averaging at about 800m per annum. Gusau city falls under the Tropical Savannah climate.


Cattle rearing, Crop cultivation and Trade contribute largely to Gusau’s economy. Also, the city has large deposits of lead. Trade is another critical feature in the economy of Gusau with the town playing host to several markets which include the Tudun Wada market, Second hand clothes market, Gusau central market, and the Old market.

Due to its status as the capital city of Zamfara, Gusau town plays host to a plethora of government owned establishments making a majority of its residents Civil servants. 


Gusau city has been in existence since the 16th century when the fulanis migrated to hausaland in search of Islamic knowledge and to engage in commercial and economic activities which included cattle rearing. A prominent Jihadist known as Muhammadu Sambo Danashafa founded Gusau town in the year 1799 as a camping place for his followers in preparation for the Jihad against Yandoton Daji who had refused to accept the teachings of Usman Dan Fodio.

Gusau city has been the capital of Zamfara state since the state was created in October 1996.

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