About Uyo

Uyo is the largest city and capital of Akwa Ibom state domiciled in the Southsouth geopolitical division of Nigeria. Uyo city also doubles as a local government area and boasts a total estimated population of 1,019,762 inhabitants. Uyo is home to several ethnic groups with prominent tribes such as the Oron and Ibibio dominating in terms of numbers. Tertiary institutions in Uyo include the University of Uyo, School of Nursing, and the School of Arts and Sciences.

Uyo is divided into several districts and streets which include Offot, Afaha, Effiat, Iboko, Catholic secretary, Itam Ikot Abia, Akpan street, Ewet housing estate, Faha Oku Akpon, Iba Oku, Millitary office, Old stadium road, Onyong Udo street, Odosien Nkahia street, Jubilee school road, and Ikot Anyang. The commonly spoken languages in Uyo include the Ibibio and English languages with Christianity as the widely practiced religion within the city. Akwa Ibom is widely known as the home of soups and Uyo offers excellent tasting soups such as the Afang soup, Ekpan soup, and EkpaNkuko. Important landmarks in Uyo city include the Ibom plaza, Ibom Tropicana Entertainment Center, Le Meridien Ibom Hotel and Golf Resort, Ibom Connection, National Museum of Colonial history, Amalgamation house, Godswill Akpabio international stadium, the Playground, and the University of Uyo.

Hospitals in Uyo include the University of Uyo Teaching Hospital, St.Luke General Hospital, Uwakmfon specialist hospital, St. Athanasius hospital, Faith Medical Center, and the ALMA Clinics.


The city of Uyo falls under the Tropical Monsoon climate and has winds blowing northwards at an average speed of 8 km/h. Uyo has a total area of 362 km squared and has two main seasons which are the rainy and dry seasons.

The humidity in Uyo is pegged at 87 percent with appreciable amounts of rainfall recorded every year.


Akwa Ibom state has enormous reserves of crude oil and natural gas and subsequently, the city of Uyo has a large presence of multinational and indigenous oil companies. Akwa Ibom state has the highest share in the monthly Federal allocation by the Federal Government and this can be seen in the massive infrastructural development that can be seen in Uyo city.

Also, markets such as the Uyo main market, Akpan Andem market, Timber market, Use-Ofot market, Nsukara market, Urua Ekpa market, Udo Ekong market and the Itam Market are centers of commercial activities which contribute immensely to the economic life of the city.


Uyo has been the capital of Akwa Ibom state since September 1987 when the state was carved out of Cross River State.

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