About Yenagoa

Yenagoa is a local government area as well as the capital city of Bayelsa state located in the Southsouth geopolitical zone of Nigeria. The city of Yenagoa is home to several tribes which include the Ijaw ethnic group who are the city’s original inhabitants. The commonly spoken languages in Yenagoa include Epie-Atissa and English languages.Tertiary institutions in Yenagoa include the Institute of Science and Technology and the National Open University of Nigeria.

Yenagoa boasts a total estimated population of 847,078 inhabitants with popular areas in the city being Swali, Ekeki, Belebiri, Amarata-Epie, Ede Epe, Julius Berger, Imgbi, Okaka, Kpansia, Azikoro Road, Magistrate Court, and the Sani Abacha Road. Popular meals enjoyed in Yenagoa include Roasted plantain and fish sauce plus a plethora of sea food. Important landmarks in Yenagoa include the Samson Siasia sports stadium, Ox-bow lake, Bayels state Government house, Arietalin hotels, Atlantic Choice hotels, Living Faith Church Swali, the Peace park and the Federal Medical Center. Hospitals in Yenagoa include the Federal Medical Center, Yenagoa town hospital, St.Peters Hospital, Niger Delta University Teaching Hospital, Crest Hospital, and the Bayelsa Specialist hospital.  


Yenagoa city falls under the Tropical Monsoon climate and covers a total area of 1,698 km squared. The city has a humidity of 92 percent and an average temperature of 25.5 degrees centigrade.

There are two distinct seasons in Yenagoa; the dry and rainy seasons with the rainy season lasting for much longer than the dry season. The rains are also consistent and heavy in most cases with average annual precipitation estimated at 3800mm.      


Yenagoa is surrounded by large deposits of Crude oil and natural gas and the activities of oil mining companies have brought in a large chunk of resources to the city. Yenagoa is also known for the cultivation of crops such as sugarcane and plantain while fishing is also an important economic engagement for the city’s dwellers.

Also, markets such as the Oyoyo and Swali markets are commercial centers where a wide variety of items are bought and sold on a daily basis.


Yenagoa has been the capital city of Bayelsa state since the State’s creation in 1996.         

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