About Jalingo

The city of Jalingo doubles as a local government area and the capital of Taraba state with popular areas such as Ashaka, Gashaka, Dorawa, Magami, Kofai, Nunkali, Barade, Mayo Gwoi, A.J Owonniyi Estate, Kasuwar Bera, Gadan Bagoji, and Fengtai. The dominant tribes include the Fulani, Yandang, Tikari, Hausa and Chamba. Jalingo has a population of about 1,065, 479 inhabitants and Islam is the widely practiced religion. Tertiary institutions found in Jalingo include the Taraba state University and the Taraba state College of Agriculture. Medical Institutions found in Jalingo include the Jalingo specialist hospital, Courage hospital, Gateway hospital, Sauki hospital and Maternity, and Totu's hospital and Maternity.  

Popular festivals held in Jalingo include the Yonko yam festival which celebrates the harvest of new yams and the Asamu festival. Important sites to visit in Jalingo include the Jalingo Airport, the federal government girls college Jalingo, Government House, Yakubu shopping Plaza, AIM Restaurant, Sanaf Suites and the Jalingo sports stadium. 


The topography of Jalingo is characterized by undulating landscape with the presence of small mountains. Humidity is at 61 percent while the city is grouped under the tropical savannah climate.

Jalingo has two distinct seasons which are the dry and the rainy seasons with total estimated annual rainfall pegged at 1300 mm.


Animal rearing is a major economic engagement of the inhabitants of Jalingo. Also, crop cultivation plays a prominent role in this regard with crops such as coffee, groundnut, maize, rice and sorghum grown in large quantities.

Also, popular markets such as the Jalingo New Modern Market, Mile 6 market, Central market, Gdar Bobboji, Kasuwar Bera market and the Gindin Doruwa Market provide a platform for buying and selling of a variety of commodities for the city’s dwellers.  


Jalingo has been the capital city of Taraba state since the state was created in 1991 from Gongola state.

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