About Ughelli

Ughelli is a town in Delta state located in the Southsouth geopolitical region of Nigeria. Ughelli comprises of two local government areas; Ughelli North and Ughelli South. Ughelli has an estimated population of 435,667 inhabitants spread over districts such as Agbarho, Orogun, Ogor, Evwreni, Owheru, Ekrejebor, Oguname, Ovwodokpokpo, Ohrere, and Olomu. Tertiary institutions found in Ughelli include the School of Health Technology. A number of healthcare institutions are found in Ughelli and these include the Ufor hospital, Central hospital, Agori-iwe memorial clinic, Lifecare hospitality, Calvary Clinic, Shekinah Mediacal Center, and the Afiesere Primary Healthcare center.

Christianity and the traditional religion are the major religious affiliations in Ughelli while pidgin English is a popular means of oral communication. The town of Ughelli’s traditional affairs are overseen by the Ovie while the town has important festivals such as the Omanuku and the Iyeri festivals. Landmarks in Ughelli include the Marvel international school, Government College Ugheli, Kogbodi primary school, All Saints Anglican Church, St Peter and Paul Catholic Church, and the Maranatha Baptist Church.  


Ughelli lies on the western side of the River Niger and covers a total area measuring about 818 km squared. Ughelli has an average humidity of of 82 percent with average annual temperature estimated at 27 degrees centigrade.

Ughelli is home to a number of rivers and tributaries which include the Afiesere and the Ekapamre rivers.


Agriculture is a major economic engagement of the people of Ughelli. Also, owing to the city’s large reserves of crude oil and natural gas, the city has been the site of petroleum exploration by multinational and local oil companies. Ughelli town also has a vibrant commercial sector and hosts a number of markets such as the Ughelli Ogor market, Ughelli main market, Otowodo market, and the Ughelli modern market Emu.   

Ughelli is also home to a number of manufacturing companies. Fishing is another popular economic engagement in the city as well as the tapping and sale of the city’s excellent tasting palm wine.


Ughelli was in the 16th century founded and named after Ughelli (also called Ughene) who was a Prince from the Benin Kingdom. In search of his own kingdom, Prince Ughene settled in various places which included Tarakiri and Ogoviri before finally settling in the present day Ughelli town.

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