About Makurdi

Makurdi city is the capital city of Benue State as well as being a local government area. The city comprises of several tribal affiliations chief of which are the Tiv, Idoma, Igede and Etulo. Popular districts within the city include Beetseh, Bogo, Kokoroo, Wadata, Army Barracks, Eupi-New Layout, Hudco quarters, Sabon Gari, GRA, Wurukum, Federal Housing area, Obaganya road, Agbadu and Iwa. Christianity and Islam are the dominant religious persuasions in Makurdi with the English language as the language that cuts across the different tribal compositions within the city. Tertiary institutions that exist in Makurdi town include the Benue state University, Federal University of Agriculture, Akawe Torkula College of Advanced and Professional studies, and the School of Nursing and Midwifery.

The popular dishes in Makurdi city include the Benni seed soup and the Okoho soup which are usually served with pounded yam. Makurdi also has a rich cultural heritage characterized by festivals which include the Akata festival, the Kwagh-hie festival and the annual food festival which is a celebration of the city’s rich agricultural heritage.

Popular landmarks within the city of Makurdi include the Dajo pottery, Gallery of Arts, Joseph Tarkaa foundation complex, Makafar Park Garden, Benue state House of Assembly, Makurdi Club and Beach, Benue River, Makurdi Zoological garden, the Aper Aku sports stadium, and the University of Agriculture. Hospitals found in Makurdi include the Bishop Murray hospital, Madonna hospital, Benue state University Teaching Hospital, Federal Medical Center, Pewaren hospital, Nigerian Airforce hospital, and the First fertility hospital.


Makurdi falls under the Tropical Savannah climate with two distinct seasons which are the Rainy and dry seasons. The city which lies on the bank of the River Benue has a 58 percent humidity and total estimated temperature of 28 degrees centigrade.

The total annual precipitation in Makurdi is estimated at 2150 mm and the city’s topography features a large expanse of flat lands rich in fertile loamy soil.


Makurdi is Nigeria’s leading city in terms of Agricultural produce and the city is known for the cultivation of a wide range of crops such as yam, cassava, fruits and vegetables in very large quantities.

Also, the city of Makurdi is home to several government owned institutions which provide employment to a large percentage of the city’s inhabitants. Popular markets such as the Wadata, Labour, Makurdi modern market, North bank market, Akpehe, High level and Wurukum markets attract thousands of traders and buyers adding substantially to the city’s economic life.


Makurdi has been the capital city of Benue state since the state’s creation from the defunct Benue-plateau state in 1976.    

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