About Ilorin

The city of Ilorin is the capital of Kwara state. Ilorin is home to three LGAs namely Ilorin East, Ilorin south and Ilorin west. Ilorin which is the epicentre of the Ilorin emirate has a population of about 1,062,534 inhabitants with Islam and Christianity as the dominant religions. Dominant tribes in Kwara include the Yoruba and the Hausa/Fulani. Popular districts in Ilorin include Adewole Estate, Muritala Road, Okeleke, Pakata, Stadium road, Oloje, Old Yidi, Kulende, Abdul Azeez, and Gaa Akanbi. Tertiary institutions domiciled in Ilorin include the Kwara state College of Education, Al-Hikmal University, Ogungbemi College of Agriculture, University of ILORIN, Crown hill University, and the Kwara state University.           

Popular dishes enjoyed in the city of Ilorin include Amala and Gbegiri and Wara which is the local name for Cheese curds. Important landmarks in the city of Ilorin include the University of Ilorin, the palace of the Emir at Oja Oba and the Ilorin central Mosque.Hospitals in Ilorin city include the General Hospital, Olanrewaju hopital, University of Ilorin Teaching hospital, Olaolu hospital, Omolola hospital,  Balm hospital, Yusjib hospital, Olalomi hospital and Anchor hospitals.   


Ilorin falls under the tropical savannah climate and boasts a total area of 765 km squared. The average temperature is 29 degrees centigrade with sparse hills such as the Sobi hills featuring in the city’s topography .


Ilorin  is known for its pottery businesses spread over the city. The textile industry also thrives in  Ilorin with the famous aso-oke produced in large quantities. Trade also blossoms in Ilorin with the town hosting several markets such as the Owode , the Oja tuntun, and the Ipata markets.

Also, Ilorin has one of Africa’s biggest cashew processing plant owned by Olam International. The Dangote flour mills are also located in the city.


Ilorin was founded in the year 1450 and was the military headquarters of the old Oyo Empire.

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