Benin City

About Benin City

Benin city is the capital of Edo state located in Nigeria’s oil-rich southsouth region. The city is home to several tribes with the Bini tribe dominating in numbers. Benin city boasts a population of about 2,568,755 inhabitants and has Christianity and traditional religion as the widely practiced religions. Popular landmarks in Benin city include the University of Benin, Ogiamen House, Benin Moat, Benin City National Museum, Emotan statue, Okomu National Park, Sam Ogbemudia sports stadium, Mono River, Kada cinema, and the Royal Palace of the Oba of Benin. Tertiary institutions in Benin city include the University of Benin and the Benson Idahosa University. Hospitals found within Benin city include Benin Central hospital, Edi International hospital, Faith Mediplex hospital, Federal Neuropsychiatric hospital, Ogah hospital and Urology center, St. Philomena catholic hospital, Agho clinic, Benoni hospital, Tella specialist hospital, and the Mount Gilead hospital.

Prominent streets/districts in Benin City include the Igun street, Sapele road, Evbiomwan street, Ibiwe street, Ogbewase close, Osaretin lane, Ewasede Lane, Oza street, Uhenuyi street, Ihama road, stadium lane and the Akpakpava street while popular festivals held in Benin city include the Igue and Ewere festivals, as well as the Eho and the Ebomisi festival.



Benin city falls under the tropical savannah climate with a total area estimated at 1,204 km squared. Average temperature is 28 degrees centigrade. Benin city is also home to a number of rivers and tributaries which include the Benin river.

Benin city has two major seasons; the dry and the rainy seasons with humidity pegged at about 80 percent.


Benin city is a key region in Nigeria’s rubber industry. Crude oil exploration and fishing also contribute immensely to the city’s economy. Trade also flourishes in the city with a number of markets found within its territory and these include the Eki osa, Eki Oba, New Benin, Santana, Uselu, and Oliha markets.

Benin City also hosts several financial institutions, hotels, relaxation spots, industries, as well as governmnet owned establishments which all contribute to the economy of the town.


Benin city has a rich history and is known for the globally acclaimed centuries old Benin Bronze Artifacts. Benin city was invaded in 1897 by the British in an operation known as the “punitive expedition”. Benin city is also the former capital of the Mid-Western region and also the former capital of the defunct Bendel state.

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