About Gwagwalada Local Government Area (L.G.A)

Gwagwalada local government is found in Abuja, the Federal Capital territory of Nigeria which is domiciled in the Northcentral geopolitical divide. The headquarters of the LGA are in the town of Gwagwalada and the area is made up of several towns and villages which include Dabagayi, Agota, Basan Zuba, Gbadolo, Kaburufi, Wurumbi, Ledi, and Gurebare. The estimated population of Gwagwalada LGA is 211,048 inhabitants with the area comprising of people from diverse ethnic affiliations. The Hausa and English languages are commonly spoken in the LGA while Islam and Christianity are the widely practiced religion in the area. Notable landmarks in Gwagwalada include the University of Abuja and the Gwagwalada teaching Hospital.


Gwagwalada LGA covers a total area of 1,043 square kilometres and has an average temperature of 31 degrees centigrade. The humidity level in Gwagwalada LGA averages 51 percent while the average wind speed in the area is 10 km/h.


Gwagwalada has a vibrant economy and hosts several banks including government and privately owned institutions. The natives of Gwagwalada LGA engage in farming with a number of crops such as onions, tomatoes, and salads grown in the area. Also, a variety of domestic animals are reared, bought, and sold in Gwagwalada LGA. The LGA also hosts several markets such as the popular Gwagwalada market where the area’s residents sell and purchase a plethora of commodities.


Gwagwalada LGA was created on the 15th day of October in the year 1984.

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