Insurance Risk Surveyor

Insurance Risk Surveyor Job Description

Insurance Risk Surveyors, Also Known As Risk Analysts Or Risk Advisers, Carry Out Surveys Of Buildings, Machinery, Transport And Other Sites Or Items That Need To Be Insured.

As A Risk Surveyor, You Would Produce Reports To Help Underwriters Decide On The Terms And Conditions Of Insurance Policies.

Insurance Risk Surveyor Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • accidents and liability – assessing the possible risks to employees, customers and visitors to a building or site
  • engineering insurance – surveying mechanical and industrial plants, machinery and equipment for faults and risks
  • burglary and theft – inspecting business premises to check security and storage methods.
  • fire and perils – examining plans, construction and fire protection systems to assess the risks to a building and its contents

In all areas, a key part of your work would be to make sure that companies have identified and implemented appropriate risk management strategies, considered possible scenarios and introduced health and safety systems and procedures that address and minimise risks

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