Water Quality Scientist

Water Quality Scientist Job Description

A Water Quality Scientist Is Responsible For Safeguarding All Aspects Of Water Quality Through Scientific Analysis And The Setting Of Targets And Standards In Response To Specific Legislation. They Compare Test Results With These Standards, Investigate Shortfalls And Take Action To Remedy Problems. Depending On The Employer, They May Also Be Involved In Providing Solutions To Water Quality Problems And Water Quality Regulation.

They Usually Specialise In One Of Three Areas:

  • drinking Water;
  • surface Water (rivers, Lakes, Estuaries);
  • groundwater

More Senior Roles May Involve Significant Liaison With Businesses, The Public And Other Water Industry Professionals.

Water Quality Scientist Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • liaising with customers and representatives from regulatory authorities;
  • investigating reasons for lapses in water quality and suggesting changes or solutions to these problems;
  • investigating pollution incidents from a scientific and legal viewpoint;
  • providing advice on avoiding problems, for example, to businesses discharging effluent;
  • taking water samples (although routine sampling may be carried out by technicians);
  • carrying out laboratory testing of samples for chemical or microbiological parameters and, in the case of drinking water, assessment of the quality of taste and clarity;
  • sharing information with water quality professionals from other agencies.
  • visiting sites of concern, for example, potential sources of pollution or contamination, and sources of complaints about drinking water quality;
  • negotiating charges for effluent discharges;
  • contributing to projects concerning water quality improvement;
  • checking customers' premises and the construction of drains;
  • analysing statistical data on water quality samples;
  • arranging for emergency action in response to incidents;
  • conducting research related to water quality and setting up field surveys;

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