Musician Job Description

A Musician Is An Instrumentalist, Singer Or Composer Who Creates And/or Performs Music. This Can Be Recorded In A Studio Or Performed Live, Either As A Soloist Or In A Group Of Musicians. It May Involve Working As A Salaried Member Of A Group Or Could Be In The Form Of Freelance Work For Several Organisations.

Musicians Usually Specialise In A Particular Type Of Music Although Many Now Branch Out Into Different Genres And Work In More Than One Area Of The Profession. This Is Called A Portfolio Career. The Job Requires High Levels Of Skill, Expertise And Dedication, Especially Since Competition To Work In This Field Is High. Most Musicians Do Their Job As They Have A Passion For Music And A Strong Desire To Perform.

Musician Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • setting up/tuning the instrument and other equipment as well as arranging for its transportation, if it is large;
  • handling the administration of business activities such as promotion, handling accounts, negotiating fees and organising distribution of their recordings both offline and online, e.g. making their music available for sale on iTunes;
  • performing in concerts and participating in recording sessions;
  • practising regularly;
  • preparing for auditions;
  • preparing for and attending rehearsals;
  • maintaining the instrument;
  • seeking out and liaising with new venues in which to perform;
  • learning new pieces of music to extend their repertoire;
  • delivering educational work in schools, businesses and the wider community.

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