Broadcast Engineer

Broadcast Engineer Job Description

A Broadcast Engineer Works With Hardware And Broadcast Systems That Are Used Across Television, Radio And New Media. They Make Sure That Programmes Are Broadcast On Time And To The Highest Possible Level Of Quality. As Well As Operating And Maintaining The Systems, They Also Carry Out Updates And Repairs.

Broadcast Engineers Work In A Range Of Locations And Situations. They May Carry Out Studio Or Set Work Or Post-production Operations. They Could Also Be Involved In Outside Broadcasts, Where Sound And Images Are Relayed Live Back To A Studio Or Straight To The Network.

They Work With A Range Of People Including Producers, Studio Managers, Presenters And Other Technical Staff.

The Nature Of The Work Varies According To Location And Whether It Is Based In Television, Radio Or New Media.

Broadcast Engineer Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • installing and testing new facilities and equipment;
  • keeping abreast of constant changes in technology by investigating new systems, techniques and equipment - especially new internet technologies;
  • setting up and operating equipment and transmission links during outside broadcasts;
  • designing and installing custom audiovisual circuits;
  • setting up and operating editing facilities in post-production suites;
  • analysing and rectifying technical faults on equipment and systems;
  • minimising loss of service at times of equipment failure by rapidly identifying and implementing alternative methods of service provision;
  • repairing hardware, software and other broadcast technology systems;
  • designing and manufacturing new circuits, hardware and systems;
  • communicating effectively with members of the team and other colleagues;
  • keeping up to date with the industry by building and maintaining a network of contacts.  
  • developing and using awareness of best practice in health and safety for the workplace;
  • maintaining specialist equipment for video production, broadcast and satellite transmission, and interactive media;
  • setting up and monitoring audiovisual links between units in different locations;
  • interpreting and implementing instructions and requests from producers, directors and other colleagues;

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