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Candido Joao Da Rocha was a Nigerian millionaire who was born in Bahia region of Brazil in 1860 to Joao Esan Da Rocha, a former slave who returned from Brazil to start a business empire. An indigene of Ilesha in present day Osun State, Candido's mother was Angelica Josephina da Rocha.

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Candido Da Rocha Early Life

Joao Esan Da Rocha was captured by slave trader’s age of ten and taken to Brazil in 1840. While in Brazil he met Angelica Josephina da Rocha and Candido was born. Da Rocha regained his freedom in 1871 and returned to Nigeria settling in Lagos. He purchased properties in the city including the famous Water House at Kakawa Street and another at 4, Tinubu Street, Lagos Island. Among his family members were Agustos, Pedros, Pereiras, Lopezes, da Silvas, Gomezes, Domingos, Evaristos, Dacostas, Cardosos, and Sho-Silvas. 

Candido Da Rocha who could only speak Portuguese upon his return with his father, attended CMS Grammar School alongside some famous people such as Herbert Macaulay where he was the Head Boy. His father died December 31st, 1891.

Candido Da Rocha Career

In 1893, at the age of 25, Candido filed for administration of his father's estate. When he took over the reins of his father's business he expanded it into a huge empire. His first huge step came in 1894 when a British gold prospector sold him gold bars for the sum of £6,000. The young Da Rocha did not have all the money so he took a loan from Bank of West-Africa which we now all know as First Bank. He later filed the gold bars into gold dust and sold it to gold smiths, making a profit of up to 200%.

He teamed up in 1907 with J.H. Doherty and Sedu Williams to establish the Lagos Native Bank. The bank gave other big banks a run for its money until Da Rocha was swindled. He later opened Lagos Finance Company which lent out money to people. He was one of the founding members of Lagos Race Club which began in 1891. He also participated in many tournaments at the Race Course in Lagos and won a lot of trophies too. His champion horse Vampa won a lot of tournaments. 

He also had a lot of properties in Lagos which he gave Brazilian names. One of his most famous properties was the Ilojo Bar which he bought when he was 34. Ilojo Bar was unfortunately demolished in 2016. He was also a founding member of Anti-Slavery and Aborigines Right Society. 

Candido Da Rocha Personal Life

Candido had numerous children such as Alexander Da Rocha, Adenike Afodu, Angelica Folashade Thomas and Louissa Turton. His notable grandchildren include Dr. Oladele da Rocha Afodu and Angelica Oyediran. Candido is the brother of Moses Da Rocha, one of the earliest Western-trained Nigerian doctors. He died on March 11st, 1959 and was buried at the Ikoyi cemetery.

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