Laundry Assistant

Laundry Assistant Job Description

Laundry Assistants Clean Clothing, Linens, Drapes, And Other Articles, Using Washing, Drying, And Dry-cleaning Machines. They Also May Clean Leather, Suede, Furs, And Rugs. Items Made Of A Combination Of Fabrics Frequently Need Special Attention To Avoid Damaging Items During The Cleaning Process.

Laundry Assistants Ensure Proper Cleaning Of Clothing, Linens, And Other Articles. They Adjust Machine Settings For A Given Fabric Or Article, As Determined By The Cleaning Instructions On Each Item Of Clothing. Workers Add The Proper Type And Amount Of Cleaning Detergent Or Liquid Solvents To Washing Machines, Which Agitate Clothes Similar To Washing Machines In Most Homes.

When Necessary, Workers Treat Spots And Stains On Articles Before Washing Or Dry-cleaning. They Monitor Machines During The Cleaning Process And Ensure That Items Are Not Lost Or Placed With Items Of Another Customer.

Some Dry-cleaners Offer Alteration Services. Often, Sewers And Tailors Do These Tasks, But Some Laundry Assistants Do Them As Well.

Laundry Assistant Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • Remove, sort, and hang clothing and other articles after they are removed from the machines
  • Sort articles to be cleaned by fabric type, color, and cleaning technique
  • Load clothing into laundry and dry-cleaning machines
  • Add detergent, bleach, and other chemicals to laundry and dry-cleaning machines
  • Receive items from customers and mark them with codes or names
  • Inspect articles for stains and fabrics that require special care
  • Clean and maintain laundry and dry-cleaning machines

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