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Japheth Joshua Omojuwa was born in Lagos, Nigeria on October 3rd, 1984. He is a blogger, public speaker, socio-economic and political commentator and social media expert.

Japheth Omojuwa Age

Japheth Omojuwa is 39 years old.

Japheth Omojuwa Early Life

Omojuwa attended the prestigious King’s College, Lagos between 1995 and 2001. His university education was at the University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun State where he studied Agricultural Economics.

Japheth Omojuwa Career

In the course of his career, Omojuwa has been invited to speak on economic platforms in major national and internation cities such as Washington, London, Addis Ababa, Lagos, Accra, Cape Town, Abuja, Rio de Janeiro, Berlin, New York, Cologne, Dakar, among other cities around the world and across Nigeria. He has spoken in universities such as New York University, United States, Hertie School of Governance, Berlin, Germany, Catholic University of East Africa, Nairobi, Technical University, Dortmund, and several in Nigeria.

The leadership of the African Union invited Omojuwa in 2014 to be part of the Africa Re-imagination Creative Hub (ARCH) to fashion an agenda for Africa 2063 project. He participated as a panelist at a side event during the 2013 United Nations General Assembly in New York City where he spoke on the need to use data and facts as tools in activism and policy making. His articles have appeared on several online and print mediums including Metropole Magazine, Sahara Reporters, BBC, The Financial Times, ThisDay and Naij.

The social media influencer was involved in a protracted battle with Arik Air after losing an iPad while onboard one of its domestic flights. This culminated in a breakdown of agreement between the two parties, with him claiming Arik was high-handed and careless while Arik maintained that the matter be settled as quietly as possible. Soon, himself and 26 others were banned from flying on Arik Air aircraft in September of that year, a decision that was later rescinded when, about twenty-four hours after the list was released, the airline’s website was hacked, with rumours flying around that pro-Omojuwa techies were the perpetrators or that he was personally involved, an allegation he denied. In addition, a new iPad was purchased for Omojuwa.

In 2017, called out celebrity blogger, Linda Ikeji who he claimed put out a story he had told her in confidence and asked her not to let out. This was after a twitter user had called him impotent and that was the reason 2 of Omojuwa’s fiancees let him just before the wedding proper. He also denied this allegation.

Japheth Omojuwa Personal Life

Omajuwa is very active on social media especially twitter. He is currently single and enjoys watching sports especially football and tennis. He lives in Abuja, Nigeria.

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Japheth Omojuwa Awards

  • In 2012, YNaija named Omajuwa one of the most influential young Nigerians under 35 in Business, Fashion, Media, Entertainment, Technology and Politics, with writer Ifreke Inyang describing him in particular as “king of the click.”
  • He was named by Credit Suisse Bulletin as one of the 50 Movers and Shakers of Africa in 2015.
  • In June 2016, Omojuwa was named the Best Twitter Personality Of The Year in the annual African Bloggers Awards. The 2016 African Bloggers Awards was sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Japheth Omojuwa Net Worth

His net worth is not available.

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