About Effurun

Effurun is the capital town and administrative seat of the Uvwie local government area of Delta state, Southsouth Nigeria. Effurun is home to several ethnic groups which include the Itsekiri, the Ijaw and the Urhobo who are the owners of Effurun and who form the majority of the town’s population . English and pidgin English are common languages spoken within the area while the dominant religions include Christianity and traditional religions. Tertiary Institutions found in Effurun include the Federal University of Petroleum Resources and the Petroleum Training Institute. Popular streets/districts in Effurun include Uvwiekaita street, Aka Avenue, Uti street, Godwin Omars street, GRA, Olarho street, Ekpan, Onariji street, and Otti street.  

 Effurun boasts a total population of about 482,630 inhabitants. Popular landmarks in Effurun include the Federal University of Petroleum Resources, Effurun Garden Park, Golden Tulip Hotel, Delta City Mall, Wellington Hotel, Geesis Cinema, BEDC Effurun Office, and the Petroleum training Institute. Effurun is home to several indigenous delicacies chief of which is the popular Banga soup served with eba, fufu, semovita or wheat. Hospitals found in Effurun include the Praiseline Clinic, Oghor Specialist hospital, Peerless hospital and wellness, Gracehill Medical Center, Mudiaga faith Clinic and Maternity, Capeland Clinic, and the Humanity Hospital.


Effurun has a total estimated area of 960 km squared with an average temperature of 25 degrees centigrade. The average estimated precipitation level is 3050 mm per annum with rains falling for the most part of the calendar year.

 Effurun falls under the tropical savannah climate and is characterized by the presence of small rivers and tributaries.


Crude oil exploration and other activities in the oil and gas sector form the bulk of Effurun’s economy. Also, fishing and farming are other economic engagements of the town’s inhabitants. Trade also blossoms in the city with the area hosting several markets where a plethora of items are bought and sold. These markets include the Efferun market, Uvwie modern market, and the Effurun main market.


Effurun was founded by the Urhobo ethnic group in the 16th century and was a gateway to the city of Warri.

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