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About Etsako East Local Government Area (L.G.A)

Etsako east local government area is in Edo state, South-south geopolitical zone of Nigeria. The headquarters of the LGA are in the town of Agenebode while the area is made up of several towns and villages which include Egori, Imiegba, Ivianokpodi, Agiere, Ebelle, Ofukpo, Uzanu, and Okpeteku. The estimated population of Etsako East LGA is 231,789 inhabitants with the area hosting members of several tribes. Islam and Christianity are the widely practiced religions in the Etsako East LGA. A number of festivals are celebrated in Etsako East LGA and these include the Idaechie festival and the Adu Ikukun festival while notable landmarks in the area include the Okpella Cement factory.


Etsako East LGA covers a total area of 1,133 square kilometres and witnesses two major seasons which are the dry and the rainy seasons. The average temperature of the area is 29 degrees centigrade while the average humidity level of the LGA is 60 percent.


Agriculture is the main occupation of the people of Etsako East LGA with crops such as maize, yam, cassava, and plantain grown in the area. Trade is also an important feature of the economic life of Etsako East LGA with the area hosting several markets such as the Imegba central market. Etsako east LGA is also rich in minerals such as limestone, potassium, and coal and the area is known for the production of cement in substantially large quantities.

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