About Igueben Local Government Area (L.G.A)

Igueben local government area is in Edo state, southern Nigeria and has its headquarters in the town of Igueben. The LGA is made up several towns and villages such as Idumogbo, Idumotutu, Eguare, Oyomo, Afuda, Uhe, and Ekekhen. The estimated population of Igueben LGA IS 297,441 inhabitants with the majority of the area’s inhabitants being members of the Esan tribal division. The Onogie of Igueben is regarded as the traditional administrator of the LGA. The Esan language is widely spoken in Igueben LGA with Christianity and Islam as the most practiced religions in the area. Notable landmarks in Igueben LGA include the Igueben General Hospital and the Igueben Grammar school. A number of colourful festivals are held in Igueben LGA and these include the Ukpe festival.


Igueben LGA covers a total area of 380 square kilometres and has an average temperature of 28 degrees centigrade. The area falls within the Tropical savannah climate and has an average humidity level of 68 percent. The wind speed of the LGA is at an average of 11 km/h.


Agriculture is the major economic mainstay of the people of Igueben LGA with the area renowned for the cultivation of a variety of crops such as plantain, banana, yam, cassava, and oil palm. Trade also flourishes in Igueben LGA with the area hosting several markets where a variety of commodities are bought and sold. Igueben LGA also hosts a number of hotels, relaxation spots, plus privately and publicly owned institutions.                                        


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