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Vice Admiral Joseph Edet Akinwale Wey was born in Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria, on March 6th, 1918, to a Yoruba father and an Ibibio/Efik mother. He was a Nigerian naval officer who served, at various times, as head of the Nigerian Navy (Chief of Naval Staff), acting Foreign Minister, and Chief of Staff of the Supreme Headquarters, making him the second de facto Vice President of Nigeria during Yakubu Gowon's regime.

Joseph Edet Akinwale Wey Age

Joseph Edet Akinwale Wey would have been 106 years old, if he were alive today. May his soul rest in peace.

Joseph Edet Akinwale Wey Early Life

Admiral Wey went to the Roman Catholic School, Anua in Uyo Province and the Sacred Heart School in Calabar. He also attended the Methodist School, Ikot Ekpene, before further studies in Lagos. In 1939, he joined the former Marine Department as a trainee technical apprentice, becoming a junior engineer at the end of his training. From 1945 to 1949 he did active service and in 1949 attended the London County School of Technology for Marine Engineers.

Joseph Edet Akinwale Wey Career

In the early fifties, Admiral Wey had a succession of jobs as engineer on most of Nigeria’s ships and transferred to the Nigerian Navy in 1957 as a senior engineer. After another course at the School of Technology in London, he returned and became a lieutenant commander in 1960 and commander in 1962 and Fleet Engineer Officer and commander in charge of the Apapa Naval Base, near Lagos.

In 1963, as a captain, he led a deputation to India and went out with the Indian fleet on Commonwealth exercises. He returned in March 1964 to become commodore and head of the Nigerian Navy. In 1966 after General Gowon had taken power, he was appointed to the Supreme Military Council, where he is influential as the oldest member. He attended the Aburi conference between Gowon and Ojukwu in a last attempt to avoid hostilities in January 1967 and made a stirring statement on Nigeria’s desperate situation.

The Nigerian Navy effectively blockaded the Biafran ports throughout the war. On July 27, 1967, the navy captured Bonny, blocking Biafra’s route to the sea, and then Calabar on October 18, and Port Ilarcourt on May 19, 1968. He was promoted to rear admiral on January 2, 1967, he became Commissioner for Establishments in October 1971, and a full vice admiral.

Admiral Wey came up the hard way, gradually training himself as a marine engineer and winning promotion in the navy on merit. A dignified, sociable person and one of the older members of the Supreme Military Council, his advice is widely respected. Behind him is an excellent war record. The Nigerian Navy, which he commanded throughout, did all that was asked of it against Biafra, carrying out an effective blockade for the duration. Acknowledged as an excellent sportsman, his clear political thinking is less well known. He played an important part in the Aburi talks between Nigeria and Biafra.

Wey retired in 1975 following the successful coup that brought Murtala Mohammed to power, replacing the military government of General Yakubu Gowon. 

Joseph Edet Akinwale Wey Personal Life

Admiral Wey was married to Mrs Anne Wey, who was the premier leader of the Naval Officers’ Wives Association (NOWA) which began on November 30th, 1965. He died on December 12th, 1991.

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His net worth is not available.

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