Health And Safety Inspector

Health And Safety Inspector Job Description

Health And Safety Inspectors Are Responsible For Monitoring And Improving The Health And Safety Of Employees And The General Public Within Public And Private Organisations.

Health And Safety Inspectors Are Employed By The Health And Safety Executive (HSE) To Monitor, Maintain And Protect Health And Safety Standards In Accordance With Current Legislation. A Large Amount Of Time Is Spent Visiting Properties Such As Factories, Farms, Offices, Schools, Quarries, Shops, Etc, Where Premises, Equipment And Procedures Are Checked For Compliance With Health And Safety Legislation.

Health And Safety Inspector Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • gathering and preparing legal evidence
  • investigating accidents, complaints and cases of ill-health
  • recording infringements of the law
  • providing advice and recommendations
  • providing prosecution evidence in court.
  • serving legal notices
  • writing reports

The job can require working in polluted, noisy, filthy or dangerous conditions and involves enforcing legislation.

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