Technical Brewer

Technical Brewer Job Description

A Technical Brewer Is Responsible For A Wide Range Of Technical And Managerial Tasks Including Overseeing The Brewing Process, Managing Teams And Maintaining Brewing Equipment.

In A Small Brewery, The Technical Brewer Is Usually Responsible For Managing The Entire Brewing Process From Sourcing Raw Materials Through To Packaging. However, In Some Larger Breweries, A Technical Brewer May Be In Charge Of One Particular Variety Of Beer Or A Specific Part Of The Beer Production Process. The Technical Brewer Is Ultimately Responsible For The Quality Of The End Product.

Technical Brewer Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • Purchasing raw materials for beer making
  • Managing the beer packaging process
  • Managing brewery teams
  • Developing and testing new beers
  • Checking brewing conditions and maintaining quality
  • Keeping detailed records of the brewing process
  • Working with suppliers
  • Overseeing technical changes and repairs
  • Inventory control

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