About Demsa Local Government Area (L.G.A)

Demsa local government area is found in Adamawa state, Northeast Nigeria and has its headquarters in the town of Demsa. The LGA is made up of several towns and villages which include Kade, Bangun, Mbula, Chafan, Bwashi, Farai, Zuran, Kwale, and Borrong. The estimated population of Demsa LGA is put at 148,262 inhabitants with the area having several component tribes such as the Bachama, the Batta, and the Fulani. The widely spoken languages in the Demsa LGA include the Hausa and the Fufulde languages while Islam is the commonly practiced religion in the area. The Hama Batta is the paramount ruler of the Batta population of the area. Demsa LGA is home to a number of colourful festivals which include the Mba Pur festival of the Borong people and the Kwete cultural festival of the Bachama people.


Demsa LGA lies off the shores of the Benue River and has an average humidity of 20 percent. The average temperature of the area is 34 degrees centigrade. The area experience two major seasons each year which are the rainy and the dry seasons while the average wind speed in Demsa LGA is 11 km/h.


Agriculture is the major economic engagement of the people of Demsa LGA with a variety of crops grown in the area. Also, a number of animals such as cows, goats and donkeys are reared in the area. Other important economic activities in Demsa LGA include pottery, blacksmithing and textile weaving.

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