About Agwara Local Government Area (L.G.A)

Agwara local government area is situated in Niger State which is within the Northcentral geopolitical enclave of Nigeria. The headquarters of the LGA is in the town of Agwara and has the Ashingin and the Kambari ethnic divisions as the dominant tribes within the area. Agwara LGA consists of several towns and villages which include Papin, Abebugur, Budo Saidu, Shagunu, and Duga.

The commonly spoken languages in the area are the Tsishingini and the English languages while Islam and Christianity are commonly practiced within the area. Agwara local government area is also rich in culture and tradition with a lot of festivals such as the Durbar festival held within the area.


Agwara local government area covers a total area of 1538 km squared and has an average temperature of 30 degrees centigrade with humidity lebel pegged at around 39 percent. The area also has two distinct seasons which are the dry and the rainy seasons.


Agriculture is the main economic activity in Agwara local government area with crops such as millet, guinea corn, yam, and groundnut produced in substantial quantities within the area. Commerce is also a key economic engagement of the area’s dwellers with markets such as the Ijagwari and the Agwara Central markets attracting thousands of buyers and sellers on a daily basis.

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