About Badagry Local Government Area (L.G.A)

Badagry local government area is one of the twenty LGAs in Lagos state, Southwest Nigeria.  The headquarters of the area are in the town of Ajara and the LGA comprises of a number of towns and villages which include Oke-oko, Iworo-Ajido, Gbaji, Egan, Mowo, Ekunpa, Popoji, and Farasime. The population of Badagry LGA is estimated at 325, 512 inhabitants with the Yoruba ethnic division being the dominant tribal affiliation. Popular languages spoken in Badagry include Yoruba and English while Christianity and Islam are the commonly practiced religions with a sizeable percentage also being followers of the traditional religion.

Badagry LGA has a rich historical heritage considering its pivotal role in the slave trade era with popular landmarks in the area including the Badagry heritage Museum, the Mobee Slave relic Museum, the Vlekete shrine, and the Agiya monument. Popular festivals held in Badagry include the Badagry festival and the Gunuvi festival.


Badagry LGA is situated off the shores of the Atlantic ocean and falls under the gulf of guinea. The average temperature of the area is put at 25 degrees centigrade while the humidity levels are pegged at 93 percent. Badagry LGA features two distinct seasons which are the rainy and dry seasons with the rainy season characterized by frequent and heavy showers. Badagry LGA also consists of several rivers and tributaries.


Fishing is a major economic enterprise in Badagry LGA with the majority of the population of the area engaging in it. Trade, pottery and cloth weaving are other important economic activities in Badagry LGA.


Badagry LGA has a rich history as it was the point of departure of African slaves to Europe and America. The area had the Vlekete slave market built in the year 1502 and the Badagry slave port in 1510. Badagry local government area is also the site of the first storey building in Nigeria which was built in 1845 by the Reverend C.A. Gollemer.

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