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Kwara State is domiciled in the NorthCentral geopolitical zone of Nigeria and has the city of Ilorin as the capital. The dominant tribes include the Yoruba, Nupe, Bariba and Fulani. Kwara state boasts 16 Local government areas which include Asa, Baruten, Edu, Ekiti, Ifelodun, Ilorin East, Ilorin South, Ilorin west, Irepodun, Isin, Kaiama, Moro, Offa, Oke Ero, Oyun, and Pategi with an estimated total population of about 2,371,090 inhabitants. Tertiary institutions found within Kwara state include the Kwara state College of Education Ilorin, Graceland Polytechnic Offa, Al Hikmal University Ilorin, Ogungbemi College of Agriculture Ilorin South, Summit University Offa, University of Ilorin, Crown Hill University Ilorin, Kwara state University Ilorin, and the Landmark University Omu-Aran. 

Kwara state shares boundaries with Niger, Kogi, Benin, Ekiti, Osun and Oyo states. Popular towns in Kwara state include Ifelodun, Offa, Moro, and Oke-Ero. Kwara state is home to tasty indigenous dishes which include Gbegiri soup and the Wara Soya also known as Tofu. A number of Health facilities are found in Kwara state and these include the General Hospital Ilorin, Olanrewaju hospital Ilorin, University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital, Ola-Olu Hospital, Amaomegida hospital, Ajikobi Cottage hospital, Adewole Cottage hospital, Asa Dam hospital and the Children's Specialist Hospital. Landmarks in kwara state include the Esie Museum, Owu falls, Mungo Park Cenotaph, Pategi Beach, Dada Pottery, Asa Dam, Imoleboja Rock shelter, Okuta Ilorin, Sobi hill and the Ilorin Airport.


The Governor of Kwara State is Abdulfatah Ahmed.


State of Harmony


Kwara state has a total area of 36,852 km squared with average annual precipitation of 2100 mm and an average temperature of 29 degrees centigrade.

The state has two major seasons; the rainy and dry seasons with average humidity of about 47 percent


Agriculture and Commerce form the bulk of the economic engagements of the inhabitants of Kwara state. The state has several industries which include a large flour mill, the Kwara textile and the Kwara furniture companys. Trade also flourishes in Kwara state with the state hosting several markets such as the Owode market Ilorin, Oja tuntun market Ilorin, Ilesha Baruba International Catlle market, Kara market, Ijomu-oro town market, and the Ipata market Ilorin.

Crops cultivated in Kwara state include cotton, cocoa, coffee, tobacco and kolanut while mineral deposits in the state include limestone, quartz, feldspar, clay,gold, marble, granite, colombite, tantalite, casiterite, microlite, wolframite, limonite, Dolomite, Talc, glass sand, gravel and kaolin.


Kwara state was created in May 1967 from the Kabba province of the defunct NorthWest region. Kwara state has had a number of governors/ administrators in the past and these include

David Bamigboye- 1967-1975

Ibrahim Taiwo- 1975- 1976

 George Agbazika Innih - 1976-1978

Sunday Ifere - 1978- 1979

Adamu Atta- 1979- 1983

Cornelius Adebayo - October 1983- December 1983

Salaudeen Latinwo - 1984-1985

Mohammed Umaru - 1985-1987

Ahmed Abdullahi - 1987- 1988

Ibrahim Alkali- 1988-1989

Alwali Kazir- 1989-1992

Shaaba Lafiaji- 1992- 1993

Mustapha Ismail- 1993-1994

Baba Adamu Iyam - 1994- 1996

Peter Ogah - 1996-1998

Rasheed Shekoni- 1998-1999

Mohammed Lawal - 1999-2003

Bukola Saraki- 2003-2011

Abdulfatah Ahmed- 2011 till date.

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