About Nganzai Local Government Area (L.G.A)

Nganzai local government area is situated in Borno state, North-east geopolitical zone of Nigeria and has its headquarters in the town of Gajiram. Nganzai LGA is a part of the prestigious Borno Emirate and consists of several towns and villages such as Zigalta, Felo, Daram, Miye, Shattam, Badu, Kingoe, and Bubabulin. The estimated population of Nganzai LGA is put at 227,841 inhabitants with the vast majority of the area’s dwellers being members of the Kanuri ethnic group. The Kanuri language is commonly spoken in the area while the religions of Islam and Christianity are practiced in theLGA.


Nganzai LGA covers a total area of 2,467 square kilometres and has an average temperature of 34 degrees centigrade. The LGA witnesses two distinct seasons with total precipitation in the area put at 1100 mm of rainfall per annum.


Nganzai LGA has a rich agricultural heritage with the area known for the cultivation of a wide variety of crops. The LGA is also a hub for the rearing and sales of a number of domestic animals such as cows and goats. Trade also flourishes in the LGA with the area hosting a number of markets where a variety of commodities are bought and sold. Other important economic activities engaged in by people of Nganzai  LGA include hunting and crafts making.

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