Aniocha South

About Aniocha South Local Government Area (L.G.A)

Aniocha South local government area is located within Delta state, Southsouth Nigeria. The headquarters of the LGA is in the town of Ogwashi Ukwu. Aniocha South LGA comprises several towns and villages which include Nsukwa, Ubulu ukwu, Ewulu, Ogwashi ukwu, Ukwu-Oba, Umute, Adonte, and Ashama. Aniocha south is home to several ethnic affiliations which include the itsekiri, urhobo and Ijaw.

The common languages spoken in Aniocha south are English and Pidgin English while the local dialects are also spoken extensively. A majority of the dwellers of Aniocha south LGA are Christians with the rest being traditional religious practitioners. Aniocha south has a rich cultural heritage with festivals such as the Isheagu festival, Ine festival, and the NewYam festival.


The total area covered by Aniocha south LGA is 868 km squared with the humidity of the area estimated at 91 percent. The area has two major seasons which are the rainy and dry seasons and the landscape is characterized by the presence of several rivers and tributaries. Aniocha south LGA has an estimated total precipitation of 3350 mm per annum.


Aniocha south has a rich agricultural heritage and has a number of plantations such as the oil palm plantation in the towns of Nsukwa, Ashama, and Ubulu ukwu; and the Rubber plantation in Egbudu Akah. Fishing is also a very important enterprise in Aniocha south. The area also has abundant reserves of crude oil and natural gas. Trade is also an important economic feature of the area with the presence of several markets such as the Umuehim and Ashafor markets. 


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